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Intermodal Supply, LLC is a privately held company specializing in the reliable supply of quality used Container Handling Equipment and Heavy-Duty Forklift Trucks and a full range of equipment Spare Parts. We also provide technical support and consultation for all container handling and heavy-lift applications and equipment.

Located in the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina on the east coast of the USA, we have 18 years experience in the business of container handling equipment and over 24 years of experience exporting and international business, specializing in Latin America.

Owner, David Smith English, is a Mechanical Engineer who is fluent in Spanish and French.


Intermodal Supply can handle all of your container handling equipment, large forklift trucks and spare parts needs. Our professional and reliable services include door-to-door logistics.

  1. Equipment

    We proudly offer a complete line of quality and reliable used Container Handlers and Heavy-Duty Forklift Trucks. Please contact us to discuss your specific application and let our expertise guide you to the perfect machine.

  2. Disassembly

    We provide complete disassembly services on site. Let our experienced team professionally disassemble and load-out your machine. We have years of experience and take great pride in handling your machine.

  3. Transportation

    We provide complete professional transportation services. Whether you are shipping by Truck or by Ocean our experienced team can safely handle all logistical aspects of the transportation of your machine.

  4. Export

    We have over 24 years of export experience and can smoothly handle all documentation and logistical processes related to the export of your equipment.

  5. Reassembly

    We can travel to your facility location and reassemble your machine on-site. We have a dedicated and experienced team to professionally reassemble your equipment.


To apply decades of experience toward establishing a lasting relationship as your go-to container-handling and forklift expert. Whether you’re buying or selling, Intermodal Supply, LLC is dedicated to providing top-tier service in all logistical aspects of your experience.

From sourcing quality equipment and spare parts to providing multi-lingual technical support and every step in between, Intermodal Supply, LLC ensures our clients feel confident that we have the process handled.


Brief History of Our Company


Study Abroad

Studied abroad Mechanical Engineering for a year in Compiègne, France at L’Université de Technologie de Compiègne

JUNE 1992

Spanish Total Immersion

Participated for 3 months in a Spanish total immersion course with Forester Instituto Internacional in San José, Costa Rica

MAY 1993


Graduated NC State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in French


Started Career in International Business

Started working in international business and exporting to Latin America


Container Handlers and Forklift Trucks

Started working with Container Handlers and Large Forklift Trucks and exporting to Latin America

JUNE 2006

President of Company

Named President of major container handling equipment company


Intermodal Supply, LLC

Founded Intermodal Supply, LLC, a company specializing in used Container Handling Equipment, Heavy-Duty Forklift Trucks and Spare Parts

JULY 2013

Milestone Equipment Sales

Reached milestone of USD $1,000,000 in equipment sales


Milestone Spare Parts Sales

Reached milestone of USD $1,000,000 in spare parts sales


Milestone Equipment Sales

Reached milestone of USD $10,000,000 in equipment sales

MAY 2021

Milestone Spare Parts Sales

Reached milestone of USD $2,000,000 in spare parts sales